Sunday, August 5, 2007

toronto? really? they're not even kind of French.

so i'm not quite sure what the hell is going on in Toronto these days, but whatever it is its fairly epic. i feel like every time i turn around, someone's posted about some new, hot Toronto dj and his new, hot song/remix/mashup/etc. well it happened again yesterday, and this time his name is Gingy.

yeah, i thought the name was suspect was too, but when i saw that Davyde of Chazology liked him* so much that he was willing to root for the Jays (who watches Canadian baseball?), i was convinced. and low and behold, after one listen, i was a believer. there are hundreds of DJs and tracks out there right now that are really good. in the past few months though, only 2 have made me drop things i was working on and pay attention to what i was listening to. the first was Sta. the second, Gingy. Both are 20 year-olds from Toronto. wtf.

Gingy - Rios for MVP
Beyonce vs. MSTRKRFT - Love My Easy Love (Gingy Edit)
Gingy - Swagger

*head over to chazology and discodust for more tracks/info on Gingy.
*thanks for the grammar correction


Gingy said...

*I* watch canadian baseball. chyeah.

Robert said...

Hey man, this is some good music. Could the dude who posted this blog please contact me.

robertelectic at gmail dot com


bobby teenager said...

thanks robert, although i think you gave me the wrong email address.