Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'll Rock your Bell?

Contrary to what my sarcastic title might imply this festival was amazing. This will be a brief run down as my mind is flooded with images of Robots, but I'll give it my best. The first two acts Jedi Mind Tricks and Immortal Technique really drove home the political and social mission statement of the festival. These two premier MC's truly represent the socially minded MC. The acts continued with a short breaks in between. The highlights for me were Pharoahe Monch (who is truly one soulful motherfucker) and Black Star who ripped the fucking stage apart. Rhazel and Supernatural were two of the best hosts as they tried furiously to keep the crowd's mind off the heat. Let see who else... EPMD gave a great history lesson, Public Enemy was good minus a drugged out Flavor Flav (or was he? Who knows anymore). Cypress Hill maintained the outlaw flavor by holding a smoking cypher while performing on stage. Wu Tang filled my heart with memories of 36 Chambers, while reaffirming my loyalty to the clan. Rage was Rage and well they raged..against the machine?
Daft Punk is to hipsters as Rock the Bells is to the book bag wearing, underground b-boys and girls. As Immortal Technique said, "Nowhere will you find Christians, Jews , Buddhists, and Muslims...Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, and everything in between gathered for one reason...our love for a type of music... the music of the people...this is Hip Hop."
P.s. - Listen to this Pharoahe Monch Poetry Slam Performance (mp3)...its why I love Hip Hop.

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