Saturday, August 18, 2007

Basic Saturday #7

Daft Punk last week was too much. It took me a week to fully recover and post anything. I'm still in shock. I was sitting at my work bench the other day and couldn't help but think of massive pyramids of orgasmic light. How do you go back to work with that in your head? It's crazy. My boss should show a little compassion and let me take the post-Daft Punk week off. If you could see shows like Daft Punk and go to parties every weekend with Busy P, would you want to be a productive member of society? Of course not. You'd want to be a robot.
Anyway, Daft Punk isn't the only duo to watch in the new millenium. Toronto Canadians, MSTRKRFT, are another not to be missed. All gold mask and attitude, JFK and AL-P are not new to the scene (or kids...they have kids, but that's different). These guys represent the new generation on this side of the Atlantic -- kids with too much time on their hands, synthesizers, and dreams of 2AM dance parties with Voltron and house music. Remember Voltron?

MSTRKRFT - Work On You

It would be hard to miss their vowel-less alias appearing next to so many notable tracks. Their D.A.N.C.E. remix is one of the best to drop to date. Signed to Last Gang Records, one of my new favorite labels, MSTRKRFT mixes it up with Chromeo, Crystal Castles, Tiga, Metric, and DFA 1979 (JFK was once a member). They have remixed an impressive number of tracks in two years as well as an original album, The Looks, in 2006. They work hard, showing off dark techno synths dripping from energy-filled tracks. Everything they touch in the techno/electro pop wave they happily inhabit is pure gold. Look for their second LP to drop in late October.

*For the shared love of all things MSTRKRFT

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