Saturday, August 4, 2007

Basic Saturday #6

Australia is a country I've never been too and can not afford to go to anytime soon. I'm really broken up about it. Then, Peter and Dave start talking about home and it hits me. It hasn't rained in Melbourne for four years. What does that even mean? Dave takes one minute showers, goes without copious amounts of laundry, and collects rainwater in buckets for those little conveniences like survival? Armageddon? Maybe. Intoxication due to excessive alcohol consumption? Probably. What's with Australia? I have no clue.

But don't worry. The Midnight Juggernauts, from Melbourne themselves, are touring the Aussie continent now and not trapped in their apparently forsaken home. Thank God. The new album, Dystopia, should be as good or better than their last from what I've heard so far. Synth-pop jedi believers a la Justice dance with a deep love of robots and the near future.

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