Sunday, October 28, 2007


ladies and gentlemen of the congregation, please turn your hymnal browsers to read in his pages, and feel the words of ludachrist inside of you. yessah. embrace the touch of our savior. feel his penetrating spirit inside your most holiest of places. feel his words flowin all over yo face. i invite you all now to raise your cans of holy beverages to our lord and rejoice in the name of the true messiah-

Ludachrist- BANGFEST


1. Get on my Axel 1:27
2. Polar Bears in Africa 1:08
3. Toto 2 Hot 0:33
4. East vs. West vs. Bitches 0:55
5. Suck that news, Tiger 1:16
6. Hey you! Get down on the floor 2:15
7. Take on Me 0:46
8. The Golden Era 1:29
9. Metallitroy 1:06
10. Lunchbag 0:38
11. Predators 0:49
12. The Windows of Justice 1:15
13. Ghost Busta Rhymes 1:53
14. Only the Strong Eat Cake and get Hypnotized 1:44

15. Meet me in the Grind 1:15
16. Rock me Child 0:57
17. Cult of Brutality 0:21
18. Interlude 0:44
19. Dire Straight Bitches! 2:19
20. We are your Hoes 2:13
21. No Love 1:11
22. Owner of a Lonely .44 0:50
23. Daft Effect 0:57
24. Headbanger 1:35
25. The Swarm 2:59
26. The Legend of Curtis 1:49
27. Soul on Ice 1:52
28. Detatchable Pinky 1:46
29. Splash D's 1:43
30. The Pigs are Here 1:08
31. Se-bast-i-Am 2:01

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Love Japan

From simple beginnings in Mondo Grosso, an acid jazz and house fusion collaborative formed in 1993, Shinichi Osawa, Tokyo DJ/composer/remixer, is doing a lot these days on his own. Sold-out shows all over Japan, solid remixes for Kitsune Udon, and a new album, the One, released a little over a month ago. But then, who knows this guy anyway? If you're Japanese, you'll probably know him. If you're not Japanese, you probably should. Check out his official website here.

This music is so hard and loud that it blew out my front left tire driving on 87 North from New York City. OK...maybe the tire was flat already, and maybe Osawa remixes were playing when it blew out, but who can ever really be sure about cause and effect these days? I can't really belabor the merits of this guy more. You should just listen to these offerings and maybe buy his album if you haven't downloaded it already.

Much love Japan. Much love.

Shinchi Osawa - Our Song (Lonely Girl Version)

*Shout out to Dado for introducing Osawa to me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The world's largest p2p torrent site for music has been shutdown as of this morning. This (for those who know) is like taking away our arms. had become the Mecca of music, boasting nearly 180,000 users world-wide. Though a minimal part of the site was the uploading of leaked music, this aspect came under the watchful eye of the IFPI and the BPI two years ago...

I'm sorry...I'm a little choked up. If you weren't a member you don't understand. This fucking lil pig made me so happy. Everyday I'd wake up and check my account just to make sure I was keeping up my share ratio. See with Oink you weren't a member, you were an active gear apart of a large community. People would interact, exchanging ideas and opinions on the music they shared. There was a sense of a community, a sense of purpose...TO KEEP ART FREE. I can't keep talking about Oink as my heart continues to break. Instead I will give you two News links; please read both and notice the bias and inconsistencies of facts. Fucking reporters... They always substitute dramatic truth for facts.

Good Luck to Allen and the Users of Oink as we are all now under investigation too. Long Live just doesn't sound right.

Official report by IFPI
British Online Newspaper article

Ninja High School -We Win! EP- Amaze Me... because the lyrics are so good

Oink's Father: Allen the block face guy

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More of that Daft Punk

Apparently Thomas and Guy-Manuel aren't taking the In Rainbows route to promoting their new album. The duo just dropped a new single on iTunes, a cut of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" recorded during their New York live set. Oddly enough it's been released in every country except the U.S. It's not coming out here until Monday. Weird.

As a bonus, they've released this video teaser, assembled from footage shot by fans in NY, for the upcoming live album:

And that's only the beginning:
Too Long/Steam Machine (Alive 2007) at their myspace
Promo site for the upcoming album

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Boss Boss Boss

Ed Banger's own SebastiAn has been a busy boy. On top of a round-the-world tour, he's remixed the title track from Sebastien Tellier's upcoming album Sexual Sportswear and leaked a little something of his own, rumored to be a taste of an upcoming album (!!!). A little slower than usual but just as heavy on glitch and distortion, these are definitely worth a listen. Also check out Tellier's atmospheric, synth-driven original on his myspace.

Sebastien Tellier - Sexual Sportswear (SebastiAn Remix)
SebastiAn - Untitled

A raunchy take on an old favorite, and a filthy live set.

Lastly, here's Powderhorn's own Admiral, supervising our guy with Kavinsky at the beyond-epic Dafterparty at Studio B. Baller.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hystoria, Chapter I: Dream Brothers Pt. III: Dream Brother

From time to time a persona gathers more force than the actual person. The saying larger than life seems to dig at this. With some, they are just too great to be exposed to this world for too long. Like a dying star, they burn bright and fast letting the whole world know of their existence; at least to those who are looking to the heavens. As it is, these stars die just as fast.

Tim and Jeff Buckley are two of these stars; the fact that they were father and son does not just double the loss, but multiple it infinitely. Tim Buckley died on June 28th 1975 from a heroine overdose, just nine years after his debut album in '66 (the same year Jeff was born). Thirty years later Jeff drowned when he went "swimming in Wolf River harbor, a tributary of the Mississippi River , while wearing steel-toed boots, all of his clothing, and singing along to a radio playing Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love"(Wikipedia, Jeff Buckley Article). Perhaps his swan dive just four years after his only album Grace, Buckley would never return from the water.

On Grace, the last song entitled Dream Brother, Jeff warns a friend about walking out on his unborn child. This is a haunting reflection of his own estranged relationship with his father, Tim. The wear of the relationship breaks in the line, "Don't be like the one who made me so old"as he pleads to his friend. Jeff always struggled with separating himself from his father. It would be his biggest fight; but in the end it would be this struggle that defined him.

Their contributions, though seemingly small, are no less integral to music than Dylan's or Baez's. In a way, their tragically short lives reinforce their importance. This was confirmed with the release of Dream Brother:The Songs of Tim & Jeff Buckley. This tribute album features The Magic Numbers, Sufjan Stevens, Micah P. Hinson, and Kathryn Williams among others. If this album shows us anything it is that, while father and son, their songs magnificently stand on their own.

Jeff Buckley - Sketches (For My Sweetheart the Drunk)*- Yard of Blond Girls
Micah P. Hinson - Dream Brother -Yard Of Blond Girls
Tim Buckley - Happy Sad - Buzzin' Fly
Kathryn Williams - Dream Brother - Buzzin' Fly

* This album was released after Jeff's death, and close friend maintain this release does not do justice to what the album should have been.

Hystoria, Chapter I: Dream Brothers Pt. II: Jeff Buckley Live à l'Olympia 1995

In July 1995, Jeff Buckley performed in the alluring Paris Olympia. Originally erected in 1885 by Joseph Oller (creator of the Moulin Rouge), the eldest musical theater in Paris holds a grandeur not many can live up to.
Yet, Jeff Buckley, a beautiful, tragic musician finds himself at home amongst the French. Just listening to this concert straight through, one will get the sense that Buckley was most comfortable in front of an audience.
His father would be proud. Jeff Buckley puts on a performance so intimate, so raw that he transcends the barrier of performer and audience. Many of times, he breaks to have playful banter with the audience. Both he and the audience enjoy every second of it as they become part of some rare fleeting moment. I think that's what is so beautiful about this performance. He plays for no one, but himself and those who love him. Wonderful. Now onto what as Jeff Buckley self-proclaimed as his "best performance." Dear Sir, I don't think I can argue opposite.

Jeff Buckley - Live à l'Olympia - Je N'en Connais Pas la Fin

Jeff Buckley - Live à l'Olympia - Part 19( Songs 1-5), Part 2 (Songs 6-11)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Hystoria, Chapter I: Dream Brothers Pt. I Tim Buckley- Live at the Troubadour 1969

The folk scene of the Sixties was dominated by such name as Dylan, Drake, Donovan, and Baez. One name that has been over-looked so often in Tim Buckley (father of Jeff Buckley)
An avant garde performer, Buckley incorporated all forms of music into his folk persona. Though his bluesy-funk/folk is an interesting blend, the real pleasure of listening to Mr. Buckley is his voice. Through out his short career ( later 60's - early 70's) Buckley experimented with his voice as an instrument. Unlike the Beach Boys harmonic instrumentation, Buckley setups up the soapbox for later stylings, such as Isaac Brock's and Spencer Krug's.
In 1969, Buckley performed at the famous Troubadour in L.A. It is the second of a trio of well-produced live albums (1968's Dream Letter and 1973's Honeyman.) Most of the songs come from his albums Lorca and Blue Afternoon, which have a definitive bluesy sound. I could talk about this album for months, but who the hell am is the full concert enjoy.

This is my favourite song from the performance..

Tim Buckley - Live at theTroubadour '69 - Gypsy Woman

And here is the concert
Tim Buckley Live at the Troubadour '69-
Part 1 Songs 1-5
Part 2 Songs 6-9

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hystoria: A Path Divergence in Opinion

Days ago my computer (Libby) put in her final hours of work. She was a glorious laptop and she will not be forgotten. However this is not a story about her. Rather, it is about an epiphany I had because of a kid from around the way named Harold Bozak (Harry for short) and a Pig. Put it simply... Harry's brilliance is only rivaled by his wit. A dry, sarcastic son-of-a-bitch Harry can be volatile at best. Yet, his webbed fingers weave technological dreamscapes. Ask Teenager, whose DJing capabilities soared with Harry's gift. His gift for me came hours after Libby's screen went blank. Unlike Teenager's software, my present was an invitation.
The invitation was to a magnificent matrix of music lovers. In the comforts of the pink pig, I found an electronic musical library; full works and rare commodities all for my delving. The information in-take has been mind boggling. As I swam in rarities and searched through 25 years of BBC Sessions I realized something.
I realized I'm sick of Hipsters and Indie...the latter not so much. I do, however, hate the snobbish attitude of the Scence-ster and Hipster. Too long has this snid(e)litist view towards music cast its shadow 'pon our lives. Just last week I conversed with such a pompous bottom dweller. A failed musician who pressed other successful musicians' vinyls, this kid first struck my fancy when he mentioned Ed Banger. At first he was decent until we got stuck in Strawberry Jam. His exact words were "I don't have time for pretentious druggies." Dear Sir, it is I who does not have time for ignorant banter. See I wanted to talk music and he only wanted to spew bullshit.
So no more for me. I quit. I will not participate in the feces free-for-all that Indie is becoming. I've been around too long to submit to trends. Shit son, I bought my first High Tops in '99 and I was going to Brooklyn when kids were forced to live there. Now its hip. I am not going to allow some fucks make music into an apathetic commodity. Indie is for the people. It is by the people...people who made music to make music. People like Bradley Nowell, The Flaming Lips, and Elliot Smith. Let us not forget that Indie shares the same blood as the Punk movement. This means there is something orgaincally subversive in Indie's nature. And so I've decided to reclaim music for the anti-anti children. I will be posting on whatever gets my jollies off, not who the next obscure, retro-dance-acid- freak-post-punk breakout band is. With a musical Mecca at my finger tips, I feel it is my duty to bridge the history of music (past, present, and future.) So enjoy and welcome to Hystoria.

The White Stripes - Elephant - I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bloody My Beats, Please

Who are the Bloody Beetroots, where did they come from, and what the hell are all these amazing remixes destroying the dance crazed party goers of the lost generation on the blog universe? Answers: a duo, a little town called Boredom (word, Italy), and see for yourself.

There are only so many remixes that can loop for three hours and still rock your soul.