Sunday, September 30, 2007


Oh my! Just announced tonight... It's called "In Rainbows."

Jonny Greenwood announced the album on Radiohead's blog:
Dead Air Space

And guess what? You name your own price for the digital download.
Buy it here

Shit's crazy. Tell everyone!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Mercurius FM hails from Phoenix, AZ and he will fuck a bird up. well i'm not sure if that's a true statement but his remixes are fairly homeric. i came across his 100% rework on the now-more-awesome-than-ever palsmout and haven't stopped listened to it yet. after you cop these tracks, i recommend you head over to his myspace and hear songs from the the upcoming EP, and his remix of Justice's New Jack. its so good it hurts, and if you catch the boys this fall on tour listen up for this track because gaspard and xavier have already playlisted it;)

Chromeo - 100% (Mercurius Tenderoni Vinyl Only Mix)
Armand Van Helden - I Want Ur Soul (Mercurius FM Fake Blood House Re-Edit)
Sebastien Grainger - When U Go Out (MFM Disco Love Mix)
Busy P - Rainbow Man (MFM Scream Mix)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

so daft punk emailed me this morning...

what a way to start the day. i roll out of bed and check the email as i always do, only to find a message, all in black, with three simple phrases in glowing blue letters:


now, i normally like to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning, but not today. i clicked. i saw. i shivered. turn up your speakers and give it a whirl.

alive 2007, the live album reportedly recorded during daft punk's unbelievable show at brooklyn's keyspan park, will be blowing out your woofer in a little less than eight weeks. now if that doesn't get you pumped to start your day i don't know what will. let me recommend, however, one of my personal favorite DP remixes from the boys at Casino Inc. It's been around for a while, but it still gets me moving every time.

if you (like me) can't wait for the arrival of Daft Punk's live album, or had the cosmic misfortune of missing their tour, fear not: Electroma is still touring select cities in the U.S., and will be arriving on DVD soon. i had the enormous pleasure of catching a rare midnight screening this summer in New York, and doubt i'll ever see anything else like it. check the official myspace page for screening dates, and get yourself to one of them. while the visuals are stunning and worth seeing in their own right, the soundtrack is a marvel all its own. here are two top tracks: the first, courtesy of prog-rocker Todd Rundgren, accompanies the opening sequence of our heroes as they cruise through the desert in a sick '87 Ferrari, and the second marks the funky-as-shit apex of their journey, in a way only Curtis Mayfield can.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

it's more fun to compute

Kraftwerk, german pioneers of electronica music, have been killing it since 1970. the group was formed in Düsseldorf, Germany by Florian Schneider-Esleben (flute, synths, electro violin) and Ralf Hütter (electronic organ, synthesizers). their beats are fresh as shit. they basically gave rise to a canon of music.

here's the track "Computer Love", from their seminal 1981 album Computer World. it can make robots cry. here's also a remix by Busy P of "It's More Fun to Compute", another track off the same album.

Monday, September 3, 2007

thugrave and le beast

here's a couple tracks from grizz le beast, maker of "thugrave" and hailer of Virginia. the genre is a new one to me, but it's a pretty accurate description of what he's making and pretty much just sounds like a party. i picked these tracks up a while ago on the late chazology but haven't seen them anywhere else, and thought that the grizz deserved some love. plus it's hot.

Grizz Le Beast- 1971 Torn Up

Grizz Le Beast- Why You a Hoe

visit his myspace for more jams

W.T.F.I.T.S #1

so i have this cd case full of different mixes i made at some point in my life for radio shows, ladies, and whoknowswhatelse. unfortunately, none of these mix cds have tracklistings, and as a result of poor memory i have sadly forgotten the names of many an amazing track. since all you guys combined know a lot more music than i do by myself, i am starting the W.T.F.I.T.S (what the fuck is this song) series. i'll post the unknown tracks i find here, and if you know what it is, email me at:
the first person to identify the song will receive a prize in 3 parts:

1) WRMC 91.1FM bumper sticker (its really cool)
2) an album or mix chosen by myself
3) a super secret special prize

this week's W.T.F.I.T.S track is a real treat, a 6min club banger that sounds like it was made under the supervision of braxe and bangalter. if i never find out what is it won't really matter cause i'm gonna play this song over and over again until i die. what the fuck is this song;)

unknown artist - unknown song (mp3)

and a bonus cause i love you, calvin harris, dragonette, and H's last post:

Dragonette - The Boys

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Basic Saturday #8

Just look at this kid. The 23 year old Scot Calvin Harris needs some attention. Not that you could miss him with those shades. Kanye would be proud.

I Created Disco is a funky amalgam of bass riffs and drug-inducing electroclash lyrics, house-inspiration, and British electro rounding out a dance-worthy LP. Eclectic, isn't it. Fans of Kraftwerk and EW&F would be proud. The Girls and Merrymaking At My Place are two tracks you may have heard, and Acceptable in the 80s is a shout-out to the kids born in that decade that you will hear below.

Look for Disco to drop stateside this week, September 4th, or you can track it down yourself. If you're in NYC, you can see Calvin Harris at the Mercury Lounge September 12th. Long live the summer. May it die in peace. Happy Labor Day.