Friday, October 5, 2007

Hystoria, Chapter I: Dream Brothers Pt. I Tim Buckley- Live at the Troubadour 1969

The folk scene of the Sixties was dominated by such name as Dylan, Drake, Donovan, and Baez. One name that has been over-looked so often in Tim Buckley (father of Jeff Buckley)
An avant garde performer, Buckley incorporated all forms of music into his folk persona. Though his bluesy-funk/folk is an interesting blend, the real pleasure of listening to Mr. Buckley is his voice. Through out his short career ( later 60's - early 70's) Buckley experimented with his voice as an instrument. Unlike the Beach Boys harmonic instrumentation, Buckley setups up the soapbox for later stylings, such as Isaac Brock's and Spencer Krug's.
In 1969, Buckley performed at the famous Troubadour in L.A. It is the second of a trio of well-produced live albums (1968's Dream Letter and 1973's Honeyman.) Most of the songs come from his albums Lorca and Blue Afternoon, which have a definitive bluesy sound. I could talk about this album for months, but who the hell am is the full concert enjoy.

This is my favourite song from the performance..

Tim Buckley - Live at theTroubadour '69 - Gypsy Woman

And here is the concert
Tim Buckley Live at the Troubadour '69-
Part 1 Songs 1-5
Part 2 Songs 6-9

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