Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Love Japan

From simple beginnings in Mondo Grosso, an acid jazz and house fusion collaborative formed in 1993, Shinichi Osawa, Tokyo DJ/composer/remixer, is doing a lot these days on his own. Sold-out shows all over Japan, solid remixes for Kitsune Udon, and a new album, the One, released a little over a month ago. But then, who knows this guy anyway? If you're Japanese, you'll probably know him. If you're not Japanese, you probably should. Check out his official website here.

This music is so hard and loud that it blew out my front left tire driving on 87 North from New York City. OK...maybe the tire was flat already, and maybe Osawa remixes were playing when it blew out, but who can ever really be sure about cause and effect these days? I can't really belabor the merits of this guy more. You should just listen to these offerings and maybe buy his album if you haven't downloaded it already.

Much love Japan. Much love.

Shinchi Osawa - Our Song (Lonely Girl Version)

*Shout out to Dado for introducing Osawa to me.

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