Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hystoria: A Path Divergence in Opinion

Days ago my computer (Libby) put in her final hours of work. She was a glorious laptop and she will not be forgotten. However this is not a story about her. Rather, it is about an epiphany I had because of a kid from around the way named Harold Bozak (Harry for short) and a Pig. Put it simply... Harry's brilliance is only rivaled by his wit. A dry, sarcastic son-of-a-bitch Harry can be volatile at best. Yet, his webbed fingers weave technological dreamscapes. Ask Teenager, whose DJing capabilities soared with Harry's gift. His gift for me came hours after Libby's screen went blank. Unlike Teenager's software, my present was an invitation.
The invitation was to a magnificent matrix of music lovers. In the comforts of the pink pig, I found an electronic musical library; full works and rare commodities all for my delving. The information in-take has been mind boggling. As I swam in rarities and searched through 25 years of BBC Sessions I realized something.
I realized I'm sick of Hipsters and Indie...the latter not so much. I do, however, hate the snobbish attitude of the Scence-ster and Hipster. Too long has this snid(e)litist view towards music cast its shadow 'pon our lives. Just last week I conversed with such a pompous bottom dweller. A failed musician who pressed other successful musicians' vinyls, this kid first struck my fancy when he mentioned Ed Banger. At first he was decent until we got stuck in Strawberry Jam. His exact words were "I don't have time for pretentious druggies." Dear Sir, it is I who does not have time for ignorant banter. See I wanted to talk music and he only wanted to spew bullshit.
So no more for me. I quit. I will not participate in the feces free-for-all that Indie is becoming. I've been around too long to submit to trends. Shit son, I bought my first High Tops in '99 and I was going to Brooklyn when kids were forced to live there. Now its hip. I am not going to allow some fucks make music into an apathetic commodity. Indie is for the people. It is by the people...people who made music to make music. People like Bradley Nowell, The Flaming Lips, and Elliot Smith. Let us not forget that Indie shares the same blood as the Punk movement. This means there is something orgaincally subversive in Indie's nature. And so I've decided to reclaim music for the anti-anti children. I will be posting on whatever gets my jollies off, not who the next obscure, retro-dance-acid- freak-post-punk breakout band is. With a musical Mecca at my finger tips, I feel it is my duty to bridge the history of music (past, present, and future.) So enjoy and welcome to Hystoria.

The White Stripes - Elephant - I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

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