Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The world's largest p2p torrent site for music has been shutdown as of this morning. This (for those who know) is like taking away our arms. Oink.cd had become the Mecca of music, boasting nearly 180,000 users world-wide. Though a minimal part of the site was the uploading of leaked music, this aspect came under the watchful eye of the IFPI and the BPI two years ago...

I'm sorry...I'm a little choked up. If you weren't a member you don't understand. This fucking lil pig made me so happy. Everyday I'd wake up and check my account just to make sure I was keeping up my share ratio. See with Oink you weren't a member, you were an active gear apart of a large community. People would interact, exchanging ideas and opinions on the music they shared. There was a sense of a community, a sense of purpose...TO KEEP ART FREE. I can't keep talking about Oink as my heart continues to break. Instead I will give you two News links; please read both and notice the bias and inconsistencies of facts. Fucking reporters... They always substitute dramatic truth for facts.

Good Luck to Allen and the Users of Oink as we are all now under investigation too. Long Live Oink.me.cd...because Moo.me just doesn't sound right.

Official report by IFPI
British Online Newspaper article

Ninja High School -We Win! EP- Amaze Me... because the lyrics are so good

Oink's Father: Allen the block face guy

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