Monday, September 3, 2007

W.T.F.I.T.S #1

so i have this cd case full of different mixes i made at some point in my life for radio shows, ladies, and whoknowswhatelse. unfortunately, none of these mix cds have tracklistings, and as a result of poor memory i have sadly forgotten the names of many an amazing track. since all you guys combined know a lot more music than i do by myself, i am starting the W.T.F.I.T.S (what the fuck is this song) series. i'll post the unknown tracks i find here, and if you know what it is, email me at:
the first person to identify the song will receive a prize in 3 parts:

1) WRMC 91.1FM bumper sticker (its really cool)
2) an album or mix chosen by myself
3) a super secret special prize

this week's W.T.F.I.T.S track is a real treat, a 6min club banger that sounds like it was made under the supervision of braxe and bangalter. if i never find out what is it won't really matter cause i'm gonna play this song over and over again until i die. what the fuck is this song;)

unknown artist - unknown song (mp3)

and a bonus cause i love you, calvin harris, dragonette, and H's last post:

Dragonette - The Boys

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