Wednesday, September 26, 2007

so daft punk emailed me this morning...

what a way to start the day. i roll out of bed and check the email as i always do, only to find a message, all in black, with three simple phrases in glowing blue letters:


now, i normally like to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning, but not today. i clicked. i saw. i shivered. turn up your speakers and give it a whirl.

alive 2007, the live album reportedly recorded during daft punk's unbelievable show at brooklyn's keyspan park, will be blowing out your woofer in a little less than eight weeks. now if that doesn't get you pumped to start your day i don't know what will. let me recommend, however, one of my personal favorite DP remixes from the boys at Casino Inc. It's been around for a while, but it still gets me moving every time.

if you (like me) can't wait for the arrival of Daft Punk's live album, or had the cosmic misfortune of missing their tour, fear not: Electroma is still touring select cities in the U.S., and will be arriving on DVD soon. i had the enormous pleasure of catching a rare midnight screening this summer in New York, and doubt i'll ever see anything else like it. check the official myspace page for screening dates, and get yourself to one of them. while the visuals are stunning and worth seeing in their own right, the soundtrack is a marvel all its own. here are two top tracks: the first, courtesy of prog-rocker Todd Rundgren, accompanies the opening sequence of our heroes as they cruise through the desert in a sick '87 Ferrari, and the second marks the funky-as-shit apex of their journey, in a way only Curtis Mayfield can.

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