Saturday, September 1, 2007

Basic Saturday #8

Just look at this kid. The 23 year old Scot Calvin Harris needs some attention. Not that you could miss him with those shades. Kanye would be proud.

I Created Disco is a funky amalgam of bass riffs and drug-inducing electroclash lyrics, house-inspiration, and British electro rounding out a dance-worthy LP. Eclectic, isn't it. Fans of Kraftwerk and EW&F would be proud. The Girls and Merrymaking At My Place are two tracks you may have heard, and Acceptable in the 80s is a shout-out to the kids born in that decade that you will hear below.

Look for Disco to drop stateside this week, September 4th, or you can track it down yourself. If you're in NYC, you can see Calvin Harris at the Mercury Lounge September 12th. Long live the summer. May it die in peace. Happy Labor Day.

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