Saturday, June 2, 2007

siik nasty cassie remix....

top 40 hip hop is usually straight shit (in a bad way) but it got to the top 40 because its at least appealing. in the case of cassie's track from earlier this year, "me & u," it made the top 40 because its a fucking amazing song. yes i said it, i love me & u, and i think its one of the best songs that came out this year, and i like it so much i made it my cell ring.

so what could make such a fucking hot song hotter: a fucking remix with ratatat, that's what.

cassie - me & u (siik remix) (zShare)

in the dark dank cave that is the music blogosphere i came upon this dj named siik from LA. he claims to be 23 and go to art school in pasadena and that's all i know about him. and when i'm done enjoying all the tracks on his remix page, i'll probably send him an email begging for more. in the meantime, you all should head over to and check it out, cause this kid is amazing.

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