Saturday, June 23, 2007

Basic Saturday #1

I'm feeling pretty basic, and need some anthem against corporations, Saturday work schedules, telephone conversation, and anything else to disengage, separating myself from chosen economic slavery during what's left of my weekend. I'm turning to TTC, not a radical leftist group pushing the revolutionary message, but the French hip hop group proving once again that French culture isn't dead (stupid Freedom Fries). The group defines themselves as such: "We make rap for people who love rap more than anything else in the world, and who fucking love many other things too." I like rap. I like other things, too. A mantra we can all appreciate.

These guys are stuffed with talent like a fat, French kid eating pastries two handfuls at a time. Comprising Institubes finest (Tacteel and Cuzinier, and even DJ Orgasmic on the 1s and 2s) with Texi Latex and Tido Berman backing them up, as well as producer Para One, a DJ synonymous with the Institubes label as well as the infamous Ed Banger, TTC should be busting your headphones soon. Buy their new album, 3615, if you like what you see and hear. And for a track from the new album, check out the single "Une Bande de Mecs Sympa" over at wrmc 91.1FM.

Watch and be free.

TTC - Telephone

TTC - Travailler

Texi Latex ft. Lio - Les Matins de Paris

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