Monday, August 4, 2008

make it good chris devlin

Once upon a time, a DJ chris devlin

(of Spank Rock producer fame) made a mix for We Make It Good. It was called
We Make It Good Mix Series Vol. 2

The Mix was good. So good that, even though there have been 2 subsequent Volumes in the series (by dj's Sinden and XXXChange no less), I decided to post it.

WMIG describes the mix as something "kind of like if Animal Collective were DJ's instead of a weirdo, hippy hobbit family." Yea, it's like that. Only different.

Now, to share I could link you to some zshare page, but the reality is that the mix is available for download free on its WMIG webpage along with the tracklist. And that's way better than more zshare ads of girls wearing thongs.


be sure to check out all the mixes on the We Make It Good homeboypage

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