Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hate to Love

DJs, make room in your setlists for these spanking new bangers from Villains, a solid crew of straight-up bad guys from L.A. Evil geniuses Mad V, Philthy B, and Koncept are bringing the vice to old and new hits alike, and doing a better job of it than most.

The best part is that they read minds too. I've been waiting for a criminal mastermind to really exploit the sinister sounds of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" for a long time now, and I'll be damned if Villains haven't stepped up to the plate and absolutely KILLED it. They've singled out a poor, lonely sample and ripped it to shreds over a monster beat. They killed Thriller, B!
Villains - Thrilla

Bloc Party can't hide from these guys either. This MSTRKRFTy manhandling of "Hunting for Witches" is burning up the internet right now, and getting these guys some serious attention.
Bloc Party - Hunting for Witches (Villains Electro-Banger Remix)

And an original that lives up to its title.
Villains - Rock It

There's hardly a shortage of "Around the World" remixes flying around the internet, but Villains have blown up with a cut that, in my humble opinion, beats the crap out of the rest. Check the More Cowbell edit on their myspace, and stay tuned for Villains Vol. 1, a mixtape that'll undoubtedly get us all moving.

Once again, huge props to the lords of the left coast over at Missingtoof for this epic find.

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